Locating a Good Auto Mechanic in Your Area

Finding a good mechanic or auto repair shop can be difficult. If you live in a large city, you might have too many choices while if living in a rural area you might not have enough options. Where ever you live there are things to look for to find a good mechanic. Here are some suggestions on how to locate a good auto mechanic for your needs.

Recommendations from People You Know

Ask for a piece of advice from friends or family. When starting out looking for a mechanic or reputable auto repair shop it is always good to ask your friends and family who they have used with positive results. You may find out that they are also looking for a mechanic and want to join your search. On the other hand, they might have a mechanic they have been going to for years and would advise you to try out.

Good word of mouth is how a lot of businesses grow, and that is no different for mechanics. If a mechanic does good work at a fair price people you know will want to recommend them to you. If you are new to a town and do not have friends to recommend anyone you can contact local consumer organizations or car clubs for their expert recommendations.

Checking the Best Options to Handle the Repair Costs

Find out if the needed repair is covered by a warranty. If the work you need done is covered by your manufacturer or extended warranty. You may need to go no further than your local dealership for repairs. With a manufacturer warranty, the work generally is required to be done at a dealership. With an extended warranty if they do not require the dealership to do the work, they might have a list of mechanics which they prefer or insist that you use for the repairs.

Look for a mechanic that specialized in your type of vehicle. When scouting out an auto repair shop, you will want the mechanics employed there to know your type of vehicle inside and out. This is why it helps if the shop specializes in either domestic, import or even exotic cars. You will most likely want to choose the mechanic that deals exclusively with imports if that is the type of automobile you own.

A Car Repair Shop Must Look ModernCar Shop Credibility

Verify the mechanic or shop is accredited. The most widely accepted accreditation for mechanics is from the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). To get accredited by the ASE mechanics must have two years of work experience and take detailed tests. There are several types of specialties so make sure the mechanic is accredited in the area in which you want to be serviced.

ASE accredits mechanics (they call them technicians) and not auto repair shops. If a mechanic at the shop is accredited, the store can display the ASE symbol. Because of this make sure that the mechanic working on your vehicle is indeed certified. An auto repair facility can be accredited by such entities as the American Automobile Association commonly known as AAA. If there is not an ASE mechanic in your area finding an AAA endorsed shop may not be a bad choice.

Look for a well-organized facility. Part of being a good mechanic is keeping your shop organized and in good working order. Sure, there can be some grease on tools, but the tools should be organized and be taken care of properly. If a mechanic does not take pride in their appearance or that of the shop, why would you believe they would take pride in their work?

Are the inside bays at the shop well maintained with newer equipment? Ask the mechanic if they have the latest diagnostic equipment. If the mechanic has 30 years’ experience but also 30-year-old equipment, you will want to keep looking for a mechanic that keeps up with technological advances.

Talking to the Mechanic

Meet the mechanic and staff. Even if the mechanic was referred, is accredited and appears neat and clean does not mean that you will like him. You will want a mechanic that is easy to communicate to, and that will listen to your car concerns. A mechanic is like a doctor in some ways you tell them about the car’s aches and pains and hope that they will diagnosis the problem and treat it.

When meeting the mechanic go with your gut feeling. If you like him and his mannerisms than it will be much easier to get a good rapport going. Establishing a good relationship will allow you to deal with him easier. As time goes by, he should understand your driving style and needs. Hopefully, you will like his service so much that you will return in the future.

Try out the mechanic with a minor repair If you believe you have found the right mechanic for you it does not mean that you must wait till a major repair is needed to try out their work. Instead take your vehicle in for something minor like an oil change or tune-up. See how long the work brings and the cost. If you are pleased with both of these items, pat yourself on the back you have just found yourself a mechanic.

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