Will Economy-Sized Car Models Attract American Consumers?

It is widely known that foreign automotive companies strive to make a high-quality motor and they consider this the heart of the vehicle. Thus, it goes through rigorous testing. Having been a test driver for some larger companies, I can tell you that this is very true. American companies are just now shuffling to meet the higher demand for smaller engine vehicles. Granted this all started back in the early 80’s. This whole trend of fuel saving. However, it has become an epidemic for many. Having doubled and even tripled their fuel costs for their daily lives depending on which day of the week it is and how much per gallon of gas it is today.

Compact cars are now popular in the USFurther, let’s keep in mind with emissions being so closely watched and further regulations coming down, we also have to look at alternatively powered vehicles. Including solar and battery and hybrid models. With sales going up in these new hybrid vehicles, it means fewer sales on traditional vehicles, thus it’s not a question of, “If” the trend will steer us towards economy sized vehicles ultimately have at least has America aware of options. Whether it will lead to a total vehicle revolution. I don’t know that. I would debate that as the time just isn’t right quite yet. However, the time will likely come and it will make a major impact on our foreign governments that control fuel costs over our heads without much concern for the many nations that need reliable and reasonable fuel alternatives.

Thus, my final input on this would be in stating that I firmly believe that car sales of the past will in no way survive. We have very large vehicles, often with very large motors, etc. The trade-off is simply you give up a lot of space and some bells and whistles for a trade for far more fuel efficient and small vehicle.

That is my take on this topic. I personally know 3 people that have recently purchased a hybrid car. Those are the combination of fuel and battery power or alternate power to fuel so that during your drive, it charges the secondary power source. With hundreds of millions of dollars being infused into such technologies, it would (again) be foolish not to believe that a portion of USA automotive market will be affected by these hybrids and if they don’t continue to research and jump on board, they will lose major footing for the future. I believe we are on a clear trail of getting away from gasoline and replacing it with an alternative fuel. However, there has not been a fixed ‘golden bullet’ find by the automotive industry. Thus, slow steps in research and marketing. But we are starting to see these roll out and with my having three personal friends having purchased new hybrids. They are delighted and excited even a few months after owning it. Because they said they find themselves teaching others about the benefits because many of the places they drive to or into or around, people want to ask about the hybrids.

I would certainly consider a hybrid if they were reasonably priced. When I am due to trade my truck in for a new vehicle in about 2.5 years, I will take a few hybrids for test drives. I will be open-minded. So, no matter what, it is affecting sales, and it is getting attention.

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